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PURE Real Estate in Charlotte NC consists of three broker agents who specialize in The Arts District, affectionately known as NoDa, Plaza Midwood, Myers Park, Cotswold as well as Villa Heights, Belmont and the up and coming communities of Oakhurst, Sheffield Park, Windsor Park, McClintock Woods, and all the wonderful communities surrounding Charlotte.

Through our website purenc.com PURE Real Estate will present to you the best Charlotte homes and condominiums for sale as soon as they come on the market. If you are searching for Charlotte properties, you have finally come to the right site. You can use our North Carolina MLS search to view all property and houses for sale in all Charlotte Real Estate markets as well as neighboring communities.

Whether you are buying or selling in Charlotte, PURE Real Estate is available to help you accomplish what you hope to achieve  through personalized service and over 30+ years of professional real estate experience.

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For the third consecutive year, PURE Real Estate in Charlotte NC has been nominated for a prestigious Five-Star Professional Award. This award is given out annually by Five Star Professional, a research organization that recognizes that top performers in select professions. The Five Star distinction is synonymous with outstanding service and carries an elite status.

PURE Real Estate’s comprehensive approach towards real estate aims to…

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The city of Charlotte, also known as the Queen City, has so much to offer which makes buying real estate within the city a beneficial move for people from all walks of life. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons that Charlotte has become such a popular place to live.

Easy Travel
North Carolina’s vast highway systems make road trips and day trips convenient with Charlotte as a great start point. Though, you would not have to go far to find…

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Charlotte Real Estate Industry Facts and Trends

Charlotte has become a budding metropolis as the city is experiencing all kinds of upward trends. The real estate market is also a hot one in Charlotte and here is a closer look at the latest market facts and trends to hit the city from PURE Real Estate Services.
Charlotte Real Estate graph line

Lenders Accepting Lower Credit Scores

Lower credit scores are now being accepted by Charlotte mortgage companies as lenders are becoming more liberal when it comes to who they approve for loans. For example…

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How to Find the Right Home for You

The first step in finding the right home for you is knowing how much you can afford. This is a time to be realistic, no matter how much you may want that lavish home of your dreams. You should start with some simple arithmetic before officially beginning your search for affordable Charlotte real estate. Take 28% of your gross income and that should be the extent of your mortgage payment. Those payments could be below 28%, but try to not let it exceed that mark.
That mortgage payment is meant to include your property…

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Inexpensive Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home

When it comes time to sell your home, there are plenty of ways to boost its value without putting a major dent in your checkbook. As Charlotte Real Estate experts, the PURE Real Estate team knows which upgrades will pack the most punch, both appealing to home buyers and sellers’ wallets. Here is a look at a host of inexpensive ways to boost the value of your home

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